Vegetables in Paper Bags

"UnBoxed:The LifeStyle"
Return to the Kitchen 

Put the power into your hands.

The "unboxed" program provides the resources for you to return to the kitchen with confidence!


Here, you will find recipes, cooking tips, and healthy lifestyle resources that line up with your eating style and your training program.


No more auto boxed delivery programs, eating out everyday, and frozen processed meals.

  Eat fresh by making meals yourself . Use the recipes for inspiration! Get creative.

Educate yourself!!

Begin your lifestyle transformation today!

Plant-Based Lifestyle

 Minimizing animal foods intake  like:

meat, eggs, and dairy

 It's healthy and you will feel and look great!!

 A plant-based diet focuses on eating more :

~vegetables   ~fruits  ~whole grains

~beans  ~legumes  ~nuts and ~seeds. 

Use these inspiration packs to create balanced Plant-Based meals

Protein-Based Lifestyle

~ facilitates weight loss, helps tame your appetite.

- provides plenty of the materials needed to maintain  muscles

~ Helps with your your metabolism and burning calories at an appropriate rate.

Low Carb Lifestyle

~ healthy weight loss through carbohydrate restrictions

- encourages healthy protiens , fiber, and fats needed for good body function.

~ low carb lifstyle lowers blood pressureand reduces insulin levels