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Certified Trainer - Kai Knight

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The Journey Begins


Step 1: Fill out an Intake form

Step 2:  Schedule a  NEW CLIENT ASSESSMENT appointment.

Step 3:  Fill out form: (Nutrition Intake Assessment ) BEFORE meeting with me. 

Step 4: Think about what your goals will be for this wellness journey.

What Mind, Body, Spirit goals do you want to achieve.


Your journey begins right here.

The process starts with the Transformation  Assessment Package.

The training season begins when you say go!  

It is all about you so let's get started!

     Schedule your 60min intake assessment session today.

Zoom Assessment meetings are available for all.


Personal Trainer Program Fees
All Personal Training programs begin with a Transformation Package 
Then pick how you want to train this season
C.O.R.E Community Group or 1-1Training.
You also have the option of doing both!


Transformation package:
1hr Intake Assessment
4 week Fitness Plan
Customized Meal Plan


$20 per month
2 month Transformation
Kick Start Group


1-1 Training
60min session
$40 per session


1-1 Training
90min session
$60 per session


Elite Certified Personal Trainer
Sports Nutritionist, 
Online Coach, Transformation Specialist

I am excited that you are making this life-affirming transformation journey with me.

Thank you  and see you soon!!